The Story of 8

The Story of 8 is still partly a mystery to me. It reaches back to my childhood, to a point of self-realization. At the age of 8, I found out I was adopted. The shock of this discovery challenged my image of who I am and my place in this world. At that young age, I made a deal with myself to be self-sufficient.  As an artist, my work has come to reflect this commitment. I draw upon relationships and events in my life, and reveal them in code to protect their meaning. These elements evoke unique emotions in those who view my work as well. Much like a Rorschach Ink Blot, everyone sees their own story. The number 8 is present in each piece I create. It is my connection to my work…  8 is Me

“Painting is like dreaming for me; abstract and surreal. While my art is abstract, it maintains a sense of realism, just like a dream. When I paint, I am honest with myself. Others put their own meaning to the work. For me, like a dream, once complete, some meaning is again hidden.”

Frank Arnold
Work In Review

He’s Made it to the Top… I’ve known all the 20th Century Master’s Frank’s paintings are very good and I love them.

Will Barnet | Noted Abstract Painter | New York, NY


Frank Arnold’s art points people in the direction beyond what was already known to them—some experience of depth within themselves, something that felt like a lightning bolt of sacred heat.

Dr. Jim Manganiello
Frank Arnold has a thorough command of color and form… He paints who he is.
Jacqueline Pilar Curator | Fresno Art Museum

His paintings are wonderful. Something so personal can be so universal. You will see something very special to you in them.

Aldon James | President | National Arts Club of New York

The works simply demand to be seen in the flesh, for only in person can viewers read the painterly surface its thin washes, thick impasto passages, rich colors clear ice shellac.

Glen Starkey | New Times, San Luis Obispo, CA

Frank… He Laughs Like a Kid and Paints Like a Dragon.

Luis Herrera | Artist Age 6 San José del Cabo

Frank Arnold is considered “one of the big eight” abstract expressionists along the lines of Gorky, de Kooning, and Hans Hofmann. Arnold a classic abstract expressionist, brings to Los Cabos an emotional and energetic style of painting originally conceived by New York Artists in the 1940s and 1950s. This art style, along with subsequent art trends such as Pop Art and Minimalism, are major American contributions to world art history. The Frank Arnold Gallery adds to the emergent international art scene in San José Del Cabo. The new gallery is on the scale of a small museum and is located in the northern section of the San José del Cabo Art District.

Los Cabos Magazine
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New York National Art Club Museum | New York, New York

Museum de Hacienda | Mexico City, Mexico

International Artist Day, B.C. Canada

Artist of the Year-Horizon Award 2013

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Maurer Gallery | Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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Frank Arnold’s work is in collections worldwide. It has been said of his work, that though the message is quite personal to him upon execution, certain elements are universal and tend to strike personal chords with his growing audience.His paintings exhibit deep emotional intensity and a passion for color. He expresses his inner-self through single and multiple forms, striking at the core of being human. Numbers, letters, words and phrases, connect hidden stories.

Driven by self-reflection and conscience, Arnold voices his inner feelings visually, yet privately. His paintings yield an inspired release of his life experiences, like documentaries of moments in time. He paints with an impassioned impasto style, layering, scrawling every nuance, every line, every memory with a significant color sense and intensity of labor. His work exemplifies his willingness to self-examine; his desire to express and to preserve each discovery. Color, shape and form have stirred indelible imprints in his life since childhood. Art has become his voice; paint is his language, with images that extend from within.